The GoatCoat CrunchSleeve

Carry your CrunchCup or beverage in style with the GoatCoat. This cozy little drink coat makes holding cold/hot/slippery drinks super easy and keeps drinks colder for nearly twice as long. The sleeve also stops condensation in its tracks. Respect the wood and wrap your drink with the GoatCoat.

Includes (1) 4MM neoprene sleeve only.

  • Fits ALL CrunchCup models
  • Keeps drinks colder longer
  • Stops Condensation
  • Keeps hands dry
  • Machine Washer Safe
  • Designed to fit: All CrunchCup models, as well as Dunkin Medium Cold Cups, Starbucks Venti (US/Canada), McCafe large (US/Canada), Dutch Bros Large, Tim Hortons Large, and more.
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