CrunchSaver Cereal Clips


$5.50 5.50

Keep your cereal fresh 4x longer! The CrunchSaver helps reduce food waste and save money. Sized perfectly for bags of cereal, but can also be used for chips, frozen veggies, even garden and pet products. Easy for children and favored by people of all ages.

  • Take one CrunchSaver and make two by cutting it to custom fit your needs. 
  • The CrunchSaver is unbreakable, stores easily, is dishwasher safe, and freezer friendly.
  • Proudly Made in the USA.
  • Uneaten cereal, chips, and snacks stay crunchy. Every peel of The CrunchSaver is like opening a new bag.
  • TIP: Fold the edges in for extra-wide bags.

Each pack includes 4 CrunchSavers in Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Green.