CrunchClip Cereal Saver Bag Clips

Tired of stale cereal or mixed tastes in your freezer? CrunchClips are here to revolutionize the way you store your food! Functional and colorful, these plastic bag clips make it easy to keep opened snacks fresh. Made from sturdy plastic, they are lightweight but seal tightly for securing bags of chips or even pet food. The stackable brick design allows you to hold and combine multiple packs of chips in one place. Each chip clip has a smooth edge that prevents your package bags from snagging or ripping.


    One pack includes 4 CrunchClips in Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

    1. Stackable Design: Our innovative stackable design allows for easy storage and organization when not in use, keeping your pantry clutter-free.
    2. Double Sealing Power: CrunchClips are made from durable materials, strong enough to seal more than one bag shut at a time.
    3. Eco-Friendly & Reusable: Be environmentally conscious by choosing reusable CrunchClips, reducing waste and preserving our planet.
    4. Keeps Food Fresh: Maintain the freshness and quality of your favorite snacks and cereals.
    5. Prevents Stale Taste: Say goodbye to stale food, and enjoy your favorite treats as if they were freshly opened.
    6. Avoids Mixed Taste: Safeguard your food from unwanted flavors and odors in the freezer.

    Instructions for use:

    1. Fold the open edge of your bag.
    2. Clip the CrunchClip on the folded edge, ensuring a tight seal.
    3. Store your food in the pantry, fridge, or freezer, worry-free!
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