Cereal Cup Replacement


$3.00 3.00 $6.00

This Cereal Cup is backward compatible with all CrunchCup models and allows you to easily upgrade The Standard CrunchCup (purchased pre-March 2021) to hold 1.5x more cereal. Simply screw the Cereal Cup into any CrunchCup lid you currently own and like magic, you're ready to increase your cereal adventure.

  • Holds nearly about 2 servings of cereal (about 1.6 cups/364ml)
  • Improved milk flow regulation
  • Made from BPA & BPS free crack-resistant Tritan plastic
  • Backward compatible with previous CrunchCup models.
  • 2-Year manufacturer warranty.

Item does not include the full CrunchCup and is a replacement part only. Click here to purchase the full CrunchCup.