Holiday Gift Wrapping

Let us do the legwork, and make your holiday shopping a snap.

Present your CrunchCup in style with our exclusive drawstring gift bag. This high-quality metallic white bag features a tasteful pattern of silver and gold snowflakes, perfect for the holiday season but versatile enough for any occasion.

1 gift wrap is perfectly sized for 1 CrunchCup so make sure the number of gift wrappings in your order equals the total number of CrunchCups you want gift wrapped.


📐 Perfectly Sized: Designed to accommodate a CrunchCup, this bag measures approximately 8x4x10 inches when filled. While perfectly fitting one CrunchCup, it also has space for additional small items like a Splash Cap or a Goat Coat. Please note that it cannot hold two CrunchCups.

📋 One Bag per Item Policy: Our policy is straightforward - one bag per CrunchCup. For orders with multiple items, you can specify in the checkout notes which items you would like gift-wrapped.

🛍️ Simple Checkout Process: At checkout, you'll find a section for notes. If you're purchasing multiple items and only require gift wrapping for select products, please specify your preferences there. You can also make a note if you'd prefer we don't include the packing slip in the order. Gifts will not include a receipt. 

🎁 Non-Personalized for Universal Appeal: Currently, we don't offer personalization options for gift bags, ensuring they suit a wide range of occasions and recipients.

Shipping & Warranty

This product does not come with a warranty.

How it Works

Pour milk into large cup

Screw on cereal cup & lid

Add cereal to the inner cup

The cereal and milk don't meet until they hit your mouth