Show Us Where You CrunchCup

How to enter:

Upload a single photo or video of yourself with the CrunchCup at home or in the wild here on this page or with the hashtag #crunchanywhere on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to win up to 30 boxes of cereal. Your post will automatically be imported into the gallery below within an hour of posting. Once your post is uploaded to the gallery, you can share your submission URL by clicking any of the icons below the pink "vote now" button. Share it with friends and get more votes on your submission. Winners will be announced on November 5th.

1st place = 30 boxes of cereal and 4 CrunchCups| 2nd place = 20 boxes of cereal and 3 CrunchCups| 3rd place = 10 boxes of cereal and 2 CrunchCups

Want to get more votes? Make your pictures exciting and get creative! We recommend including: Wild Animals, Jeff Goldblum (see wild animals), A beautiful Landscape, Landing a Double Cork 1080 on a trampoline, Ancient get the picture.