From idea to life

Long story short

We don’t always have time for breakfast when we get up in the morning. Even cereal, the quickest of meals, can be a challenge when you’re trying to beat the clock. You might be one of the many people that skips breakfast entirely — those days are over. We couldn’t believe there wasn’t a viable option to eat your cereal on-the-go, so we made one, and it’s awesome.

The Crunch Company (that's us) set out to create a portable cereal cup that does not mess around. We don't play that soggy cereal nonsense. Which is why it's a two cup system; one for the cereal and the other for the milk. The cereal and milk don't meet until they hit your mouth.


In mid October, 2018 we launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign and made over $35,000 from people who wanted to see The CrunchCup become a reality. Thanks to them, we're able to make that happen and it means the world to us.

Idea Conceived Dec. 2016

Research &
Jan. 2017
Prototyping July 2017
Kickstarter Launch Oct. 2018
Meals Donated 💖 Dec. 2018
Shipping Second Quarter of 2019

And now

We're proud to say we've doubled that number in pre-orders and are so excited that everyone is going to receive their CrunchCup! Coming up with the concept, prototyping, crowdfunding, and finally being able to deliver has been so rewarding, but this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for things to come! 🦄